Jurik Bands

//A follow up for my JMA script. This script is inspired by (and dedicated to) closure of sales (today, Oct 20 '21) of the famous Jurik Research.
Jurik Research, the real people who been doing real things by using the real instruments, while many others been reading books "How to become a billionaire in 2 days", watching 5687 hours videos of how to use RSI , and studying+applying machine learning to everything cuz suddenly it became trendy xD
In my JMA script I've said that JMA takes into account volatility . But how exactly? In fact, it's based on smth called Jurik Bands. Thing is they can be/should be used as an independent instrument. I won't lie, I've developed smth very similar myself for mean-reverting purposes, but we ain't gonna talk about this now (my stuff is much simpler, saying bye-bye to entropy).
The code is on purpose in Pine4 , because lmao I'm not gonna call my stuff "Indicators", they don't "Indicate" anything. And it's on purpose doesn't follow any "coding conventions" made by geeks to make their stuff look more important. My conventions are simple: less code as possible and as simple as possible so we can actually do business based on these instruments.
Live Long And Prosper

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