Pharoceus CryptoScalper's RSI+BB Signal+Alerts


This is an indicator with alerts/signals and it's designed for Cryptocurrency leverage trading (scalping). This indicator features, the most popularly used indicators in technical analysis and that is the Bollinger Bands and Relative Strenght Index ( RSI ). The CryptoScalper's RSI+BB Signal+Alerts was designed for use with ProfitTrailer V2 and can also be used with all other trading bots that allows alerts or on its own as a powerful market leverage trading indicator using alerts because it offers buy alerts as well.

The Pharoceus CryptoScalper's RSI+BB Signal+Alerts can be customized to any trader specific patterns and settings, making it so easy to use. With the Buy and Sell Signal feature, trading on any cryptocurrency exchange can be automated likewise with any crypto trading bot as stated previously; but I'll always recommend using it for buys only if you're using it with a bot. This indicator/script can be used with any base pair; BTC , ETH, and USD or USDT as well. This is also not affiliated with any bot or exchange and it's not advertising either ProfitTrailer or any bot or exchanges.

This is a free indicator for anyone to use, for access and support, also strategy, results and settings discussion, join the discord channel (link below) and come build a real community. If you want to support my work and more free signals, donations are highly encouraged.

I am not a financial adviser and all gains or losses are at the discretion of all users and I would not be held liable for any of the other. This effort is solely of an individual who believes Signals shouldn't have to cost traders an arm or a leg or taken as an opportunity to rip people off.

Also, I know a lot of people are asking for access to the ProfitTrailerV2 RSI+BB+SRSI+Stochastic Oscillator Signal+Alerts and have not gotten it. The reason was because beta-testers brought issues as regarding the buy signals and I'm revisiting that indicator and working on the issue. Should have made this known but TV doesn't allow edits after 15mins or I would make it known via comments soon.

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Hi! please give me access to your scripts. I also have joined the discord.
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