Spectral Range™ by Hypester.org

The Hypester.org team strikes again!

Picking tops & bottoms is a real art for any retail trader. It's just like scoring the perfect goal when you get the maximum profit from your trades. It's the difference between an excellent trade and just another trade in your system. It's that last edge you start to seek once you found your profitable strategy.

That's what the Spectral Range™ algorithm does for you - it shows you where all the likely tops/bottoms are. It mixes the famous machine learning Spectro™ technology with cutting edge statistical anomaly detection.

Since all the hard math is done for you, it's deploy and trade. Spectral Range™ will easily tell you when the range of the movement is far out of the normal, healthy and expected movement.

The height of the bar will tell you how aggressive is the anomaly and consequently its correction, plus an extra layer of confirmation with the little warning signs that should be used together for a more conservative approach.

It's really that simple, what are you waiting for?
Feb 25
Sürüm Notları: What's new on this update:
- Full Alert Optimization, now you can set up alerts for all conditions easily.
- 30 Days Free Trial Available: GET 30 DAYS FREE HERE
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Hi, Can I use this.thanks..
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