EMA+RSI Pump & Drop Swing Sniper (SL+TP) - Strategy

This is the strategy version of the 'EMA-RSI-Pump-Drop-Swing-Sniper-With-Alerts':
Some additions with this strategy:

~Added Stop loss & Take profit control. In Settings > Inputs if the Stop Loss is at .051 that means it's 5.1% and the Take Profit at .096 is 9.6%. If you wish to remove the TP and SL just change the value to 1.00 and it would be the same as it being 100% TP and SL which is likely to never be hit.

~Added Backtesting by changing the month/date/year in Settings > Inputs

~Added a 2nd EMA line to assist with the long entry signals. I only use this for long entry & exits, though you could use the long exits as Short entries too. I just personally don't do short trading on Bitcoin .

This is using an EMA and RSI with slightly modified settings to give good entry and exit points while looking at Bitcoin . I use this on a 1-hour and 4-hour chart and with other indicators to find good positions to enter a trade or exit if things are turning red.
It's important to know this strategy was made as a request by another user that was using the indicator version. I don't use this as a trading strategy by itself, I use the visuals it gives as a confirmation with other indicators to find the best possible entry and exit positions.

If you click on the EMA line it will color the bars of the chart based on if they are above or below the EMA - This is just visually helpful for me to see the active trend.

Make sure you hover over or click on the EMA line to see the colors of the candles change - it's not visible by default or without doing this.

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