Tesla (TSLA): Major BULLISH signal

Julien_Eche Güncellendi   
Based on my analysis, I believe that the price of TSLA is likely to rise. When assessing the support zones, it is important to consider the overall trend of the asset, especially when it is strongly bullish in the long term. In this case, we can observe that the resistance zone was broken in February and has now become a new support level (refer to the chart). This development indicates a potential upward movement in price.

Although the momentum indicators are currently high, it does not necessarily imply that the stock is overbought, especially for stocks with strong growth potential like TSLA. It is important to monitor the situation closely. However, at present, I maintain a strongly bullish outlook.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. Trade at your own risk.
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I believe the stock should soon start rising again. Personally, I'm waiting for the price to be around $200, and I'm closely monitoring the fundamental indicators.


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