LTCUSD Reaching to The Resistance Zone

We've been witnessing a strong rise in price with Negative Divergence on both MACD and RSI Daily Graph for 43 Days now. There is the previous high of 65.8 and 69.3 acting as a Resistance Zone up ahead. Considering the price has been trading near the upper resistance trendline for a while, I'm expecting a correction to T'1 or T2 zone in the near future. My latest trades taught me that the Crypto Pairs reacting to resistance zone BEFORE the price actually touches the specified point so LADDERING from 60 to 69 will be the safest choice for a short entry strategy. Stop will be placed slightly above the $70 mark. The average of this entry and stop will yield us a nice Risk/Reward ratio of 2.52 for T1 and 4.13 for T2. Let's see how this is going to play out.

Happy Hunting Everyone!

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