GBPUSD Daily. Technical Analysis

FX_IDC:GBPUSD   İngiliz Sterlini / ABD Doları
Hi All.

When we look at to the perfect GBPUSD trend I need to say that:
"ALL MONTHLY CANDLES ARE GREEN". I am saying it because someone looking to the GBPUSD chart never think to open short positions I guess.

I labeled a price changes called "A" on the graph. and want to look at it. The movement to 1.4240 didn't have the same momentum as the older candles and now it seems it has backed to the original trend line and keept rising this week.

The important resistance here is that 1.4020 and if it pass bulls will absolutely have more gain and we can see a rally to the 1.4240 and then 1.4360

Thank you


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