BTC/USDT Analysis Support and resistence levels to watch for!

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
 New long channel formed but there is a strong 4h resistance line. If 4 hour candle closes above it, we might reach 35000 levels if it can't break above it we might head to 30K range.This is the link for cleaner look at the chart. (maintanance, bakımda)

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Thank you sir, I'm watching. We haven't seen anything much sooner.. it takes months, sometimes years for the price to start to rise and form a trend. There should be a creep in the ema’s, the formations should look like very clear and then go down, and it should not work. The community has started to reach their BTC targets 40 50 100 200..
Just wait, what did you see,
Is this dow sp nq? Print 120m every month to have a V recovery🙂
+1 Cevap Gönder
There are 3 hours and 9 minutes until 4h candle closes
Cevap Gönder