Bitcoin Down! Dead Cat is Real

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Hello dear team! I'm your bullfighter. I will share my thought in English from now on.

It is BTC Daily Chart!

You can find the chart that I shared August 1. I had 3 targets and Bitcoin reached 51k (3rd and final target) then I have sold everything I had. You can find it at the attached link.

Let's check out what we have.

Bitcoin is now in downtrend. Moreover, the dead cat senario is working (unfortunately).

Current Supports and Resistances:

Sup 1: 40500
Sup 2: 38200
Res 1: 42225
Res 2: 44225

*There is negative divergence in RSI --> bearish
*MACD is blood red --> bearish
*Bitcoin netflow data is positive (on chain)--> bearish
*Bitcoin funding rate is -0,0056 (on chain) --> bearish
*Bitcoin hasrate dropped 115 points --> neautral (downtrend unf.)

*There are many reasons that show us we'll have red chart for a while. On the other hand, DXY has started its' uptrend. This is the main reason that why we have downtrend in Bitcoin.

I'm pleased to meet you all guys. If you want me to share more, please like it and make a comment.

It's not a financial advise!

Be careful and stay safe!

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