BNB 720$ first target

FTX:BNBPERP   BNB Perpetual Futures
There is a potential fractal as I see. Last time after BNB broke its high, it returned and test the high again which as it should be. Thus, for now what I see is same at there.

Double bottom target is 760$ and I am going to close my half position between 730-760$. Rest planing to keep open until I see a possible return.

If there is an altcoin season coming, I believe bnb is not going to miss it.

Lets see together if I am right.
Yorum: Still on the train. I like the consodilation that is close to the HH.

Will increase my position if it gives a chance..

Yorum: Added some at green. The consodolidation is getting closer and closer to HH (Red Part). If we pass this point it may be signal for a bigger move.

İşlem aktif: We should have a bounce somewhere around here. If we have another low I am going to stop this trade manuelly.

İşlem kapandı: durdurma seviyesi: Although it was nice trade, bad news made another LL which means a stop for us.

sometimes a fud may be stronger than charts. This was the that time.


We had a bounce from the purple.

Trade is open (Entry price is 623$)
First sell target 720$

Good luck !
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