TENKAN SCALP is a fully automatic trading system.

It is a continuation of our previous ichimoku release. This time however we throw out the rule book and use ICHIMOKU in a very different way.

It applies non traditional money management tactics.
While most trading strategies rely on a stop loss and a take profit target to manage risk. This strategy uses either no stop loss at all or a time based stop loss.

You might ask yourself the question why would you keep a trade open if it goes against you? Here are a phew reasons why the script does what it does.
  • Forex Markets consolidate most of the time. If you wait long enough your Take Profit will get hit anyways most of the time
  • You don't have to risk everything per trade. I keep my orders small so to keep some powder to get into some more trades
  • All the extra trades you take while one trade is in drawdown limit the drawdown as they provide cashflow
  • On lower timeframes the markets are so chaotic that a stop loss is very likely to get hit by a wick

About backtest below
This backtest uses a spread of 2 pips for entries and a default position size of 100% of equity. This is only possible on exchanges where spread is low and you have 10:1 leverage or more. It does not represent results obtainable without leverage. Do take into account that there are a lot of forex exchanges that provide this leverage, however a 2 pip spread is not always guaranteed and only applies to major pairs.
This backtest does not use the TIME BASED STOPS functionality.

Always start with small position sizing and see how the strategy performs before adding risk.

Explanation of variables:
Chikou(lagging span): pink line, this is price plotted 26 bars ago. People ignore the power of this it is crucial to see how chikou behaves towards past price action as seen in the chart below where we got an entry at red arrow because chikou bounced from past fractal bottom.

Kijun-Sen(base line): Black line or color coded line. This is the equilibrium of last 26 candles. To me this is the most important line in the system as it attracts price.
Kijun = (Highest high of 26 periods + Lowest low of 26 periods) ÷ 2

Tenkan-Sen(conversion line): Blue line. This is the equilibrium of last 9 candles. In a strong uptrend price stays above this line.
Tenkan = (Highest high of 9 periods + Lowest low of 9 periods) ÷ 2

Senkou A (Leading span A)= Pink cloud line, this is the average of the 2 components projected 26 bars in the future.
Senkou A = (Tenkan + Kijun) ÷ 2

Senkou B (Leading span B) = Green cloud line, this is the 52 day equilibrium projected 26 bars in the future.
Senkou B = (Highest high of prior 52 periods + Lowest low of prior 52 periods) ÷ 2

projection: Script uses same function for variable calculation and substracts a number on each next bar as to make a projection of where the variable will be in future bars if price stayed the same. This works as ICHIMOKU calculations use the middle point of a past set of data. The shorter that amount of bars will be in line with the data that it will be restricted to in future if price stayed the same.

Detection of Market Environment
To enter trades the script uses a lot of ICHIMOKU concepts. Contrary to how most people trade ICHIMOKU this script takes an environment that ICHIMOKU identifies as trending upwards and shorts in that environment. The same will be applied to a downtrend where it will open LONGS.

List of CRITERIA for a trend:
  • Grapling Hook: this is a component based on the chikou span (closing price displaced 26 bars into the past). The script will use an ATR based range to define a possible future projection to the CHIKOU line. For a market to be bullish there should be no price action happening within this area. Market is free to move upwards. Vice versa for bearish .
  • Kumo Cloud: script will check if price is above the cloud for bullish trend and below cloud for bearish trend .
  • Chikou above Kijun: script will check if the chikou line is above the KIJUN line of 26 bars ago. This is further confirmation that price is trending high enough compared to it's past data. Vice versa for downtrend.
  • Kijun projection: script will check if past Kijun is lower than future projected Kijun. This to ensure we get an equilibrium in our favour in the future. Vice versa for downtrend
  • Tenkan projection: script will check if future Tenkan-sen will be higher than Kijun-sen for an uptrend. Vice versa for downtrend.
  • Cloud projection: script will check if in 9 bars the Senkou Span A will be higher than Senkou Span B for an uptrend. Vice versa for downtrend.


This script does not visualise the prediction lines like I show in the example. I show them here to clarify how the script works.


Backtests are not indicative of future results, although a trader may want to use a strategy script to have a deeper understanding of how their strategy responds to varying market conditions, or as a tool for identifying possible flaws for a strategy that may be indicative of good or bad performance in the future.

Strategy Settings:
  • Minimum Body Size (atr): this is the minimum ATR a signal bar needs to be for entry. This is useful because our TP is based on previous bar.
  • Lot size per trade: this setting does not impact backtest. It is used to for the signals to let tradingconnect.com know your position size.
  • Direction: do you want to trade longs or shorts. I personally use both a long bot and a short bot at the same time.
  • Positions Allowed: the amount of positions the script will keep open as a maximum. You do not want to open too many positions, this is for risk management.
  • Close all positions at drawdown: if total open positions loss gets to this % target it will close all positions.
  • MetaTrader Prefix: when the script sends a signal it will put this text right before the symbol name from syminfo.ticker
  • MetaTrader Suffix: when the script sends a signal it will put this text right after the symbol name from syminfo.ticker

Charts below are some examples on how the script handles orders on default settings:

without time based SL

with time based SL

how it handles pyramiding

For full automation of the forex market the script uses this connector to execute trade on MT4. The alerts the script sends using the alerts() function call are structured in a way tradingconnector will recognise and send directly to MT4. You can find documentation about this tool on their own website.

Personal recommendation is to start with a minimum lot size and track performance, if you are comfortable scale the size up. You can do that by increasing the lot size setting in the script and making a new alert. Make sure to delete the old one.

How to access
You can see the Author's Instructions below to visit our telegram to get more information on how to get access.

✅ Learn how I trade as a FUND MANAGER with my private indicators here.

FREE telegram channel —> t.me/honestalgo
FREE telegram channel —> t.me/honestalgo
FREE telegram channel —> t.me/honestalgo
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