Implied Range from Options [SS]

I have been promising to post this for a while, but I just needed to make sure that a) there were no similar indicators already available and b) make it a bit more user friendly.

So here it is, a basic indicator that will display the implied range from options.
In addition to displaying the implied range from options, it will provide some secondary information to help add context to the implied range. Those are shown in the chart below:

The indicator will list various precents at each point to the upside and to the downside. This is the percent move required, based on the current close price, to obtain any point in the implied move range.
In addition, the indicator will display the average move from open to high and open to low over a user defined period (default to 14 candle period) as well as the previous open to high and open to low move from the previous day.
This is to give you context of:

a) How much of a % increase or decrease is required to reach the implied ranges; and
b) How does the implied range compare to the ticker's average moves.

An increased implied range that exceeds the ticker's average move can alert you that the market is pricing in an above average move. This can be helpful and alert you to potential news releases or other fundamental things that have the potential to move the market.

How to Use the indicator:

So unfortunately, this indicator requires a bit of manual input. I was going to do an auto IV calculcation using Black-Scholes Model but just to be more rigorous in accuracy, I decided to, for now, leave it at a manual input. So when you launch the settings menu, this is what you will see:

You can collect all of this required information from your broker. Inversely, you can collect it online for free from various services such as Barchart or COBE's exchange website. The easiest way is to just pull it from your broker though.

Make sure, if you are doing weekly options to see the weekly range, you set the timeframe to 1 week. The timeframe function will calculate the average move over the desired timeframe length. So if you are doing a 0 dte for the next day, you want to see the intra-day range and will select the 1 day timeframe. It will then present to you the range averages and information on the daily timeframe for you to compare to the implied options range.

Same for the weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

Additional options:

The indicator provides the midline average and midway points, to add static targets if you are trading the implied range.

These can be toggled on or off in the settings menu:

As well, as you can see, you can also toggle off the range labels.

There is also an offset option. This allows you to extend the range into the future:

Simply select how many candles you would like to plot the range in advance.

Closing remarks

That is the indicator. Its very simple, but it is handy. I was never one to pay attention to option pricing data, but I have been plotting it out daily and weekly these past few weeks and it does add a bit of context in terms of what the market is thinking. So I do recommend actually adding it to your repertoire of analyses going into the weeks and months, and really just paying attention to how the average ranges compare to what the market is pricing in.

One quick suggestion, select the strike price that aligns with the closing price of the ticker. This gives you a better representation of the range.

Safe trades everyone and leave your comments, questions and suggestions below!

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