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Hi everyone,
This script shows the Dashboard in a Table. is a new feature and released today! Big thanks to Pine Team for adding this great new feature!
This new feature changes the rules of the game! The script shows 3 different time period indicator values ​​for the icon and changes the background color of each cell using the current and last values ​​of the indicators for the icon. The background color is green if the current value is greater than the last value, red if it is less than the last value, and gray if it is equal. You can select the time periods and Indicators to be displayed. You can also change the position, font sizes, title and text colors of the relevant panel on the graphic. The number of columns in the table is dynamic and changes according to the number of indicators. You can choose 1 Symbol, 3 different timeframes, 6 Indicators and 4 Simple or Exponential Moving Averages, specify the type and length of moving averages. You can also set the lengths for each Indicator. Indicators: - RSIMACD - DMI ( +DI and -DI + and ADX ) - CCI - MFI - Push - EMA Length 20 (length adjustable) - EMA Length 50 (length adjustable) EMA Length 100 (length adjustable) - EMA Length 200 (length adjustable)
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This is really useful! Combining tables with graphs in real-time is a great way to get accurate information. I was working on something similar in Excel using the but now that won't be necessary. Cheers on coming up with this!
Cevap Gönder
çok güzel bir çalışma .. Senin gibi yazılımcılara ülkenin ihtiyacı var. Eline, emeğine ve yüreğine sağlık. teşekkürler üstadım.
Cevap Gönder
mstrsn20 osimsek3361
@osimsek3361, THANK YOU HONEY :)))
Cevap Gönder
osimsek3361 mstrsn20
Cevap Gönder