Scalping Line Indicator

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"A derivated indicator of the stair step moving average exploration. This time, the stairstep MA (the main trend) represent the center of the oscillator.

The signal line (maroon line) is the difference between this center and a simple moving average of 7 periods by default.

Trade signals seems pretty effective on tick charts representation. Take long when signal line cross above zero and short below it. Of course, as always objectives and stoploss protection are your responsabilities

You can play with different parameters to sweet any other instruments."

Coded referring the"Scalping Line Indicator" from prorealcode for Tradingview users after one of my followers asked me to do so.
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Doesnt work with Sensex and Nifty... Infact shows inverted data... but appreciated your effort.
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View4U UnknownUnicorn6893821
There's the word I was looking for ?
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@View4U, didn't get that boss
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shyamnarayan UnknownUnicorn6893821
@UnknownUnicorn6893821, edit the ">" and "<" in "ssMA". Put the opposites there ( change ">" to "<" and vice-versa) and try it on 1 min time frame in Nifty/BankNifty.
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@shyamnarayan, Thanks Sir...
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shyamnarayan UnknownUnicorn6893821
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junaidsarwar shyamnarayan
@shyamnarayan, Please tell that on what forex pair & TF it yields optimum results
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shyamnarayan junaidsarwar
@junaidsarwar, I'm not sure about its efficiency in forex as I trade with supply and demand in Forex.
However, you can try the following modification with your trading pattern in any forex pair in 15 minutes and 1 hour timeframe. Kindly understand that I don't endorse any indicator/trading style or pattern which I'm personally not sure about.

study("Scalping Line", overlay=false)
src = input(close, title="Source")
percent = input(1.0,"Percent", type=input.float, step=0.1, minval=0)
mainperiod = input(14,"Main Period")
signalperiod = input(3,"Signal Period")
MA = sma(sma(src, ceil(mainperiod / 2)), floor(mainperiod / 2) + 1)
ssMA = MA<close+MA*percent/100 ? MA : MA>close-MA*percent/100 ? MA : close
signalline = sma(close,signalperiod)
ScalpLine = signalline-ssMA

color1= ScalpLine>=0 ? color.lime :
alertcondition(crossover(ScalpLine,0), title="BUY ALARM!", message="SLI BUY Signal!")
alertcondition(crossunder(ScalpLine,0), title="SELL ALARM!", message="SLI SELL Signal!")
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esariyilmaz shyamnarayan
@shyamnarayan, Hello, how can I make an indicator by uploading this list of commands to metatrade4. Thank you.
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B0000000 UnknownUnicorn6893821
@UnknownUnicorn6893821, useless. agree
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