Unreal Algo [UPRIGHT] (cc)

Hello Traders,

It's finally that time, I'm releasing my baby out into the world.
Unreal Algo is the answer to the question you didn't know you were asking.
It's for beginners and advanced traders alike. I've made the settings very customizable, but also easy to just jump right in.

How it works:
It uses tons of calculations, confirmations, and filters to bring you the most accurate predictive algorithm possible. The algo will automatically adjust to different volatility in the market to still provide accurate signals and confirmation. It will automatically show support and resistance in real-time. A Moving Average cloud with speeds varying from extra fast to slow; they will help traders confirm whether they should stay in the trade. Also, I added 2 stoplosses, because the importance of risk management should always be emphasized even with strong accuracy.

  • ---The Most Accurate Signals on the planet.
  • --------Buy/Sell, Up/Down direction change, and Red/Green arrows.
  • ---MA cloud with beautiful color blend that can act as a confirmation of direction.
  • --------17 different types/versions of moving Averages to choose from.
  • --------Easy line transparency and toggle adjustments.
  • --------Easy cloud transparency adjustments.
  • ---Support and Resistance.
  • ---Advanced PSAR that will show red when bearish while in a bullish trend , and visa-versa.
  • ---Potential Orderblocks that can be extended to show a grid (adding additional support/resistance information).
  • ---Fibonacci Lines.
  • ---Pivot bar that changes colors based on pivot direction.
  • ---Resistance Breakout and Support Breakdown Signals.
  • ---Relative volume & momentum bar coloring.
  • ---Two Separate Stoplosses.
  • --------Circles change color and flip to top and red for Short, bottom and green for long.
  • --------Horizontal stoploss that tracks the price and flags to take profit. White for Long and Yellow for short.
  • ---As always... Fully customizable.

Different customization options:

Without stoplosses and Support/Resistance .

Without Support/Resistance , arrows and psar removed.

Added back Support/Resistance , lightened MA cloud

Fully loaded (minus trailing stoploss)
Sürüm Notları:
  • A few small aesthetic adjustments and updated author instructions.
Sürüm Notları:
  • Added a few new calcs.
  • Tooltip added for line cleaning error. Potential Orderblock Spot is now toggled off by default.
  • Adjusted cloud lengths.
Sürüm Notları:
  • Cleaned code - fixed some MA cloud calcs.
  • Added more great MA's
Sürüm Notları: Bringing a pre-release to this update!

  • Added Super Sar
  • Cleaned up the UI
  • Can now adjust colors/transparency of buy/sell & arrow signals.

More updates to come soon!
Sürüm Notları:
  • Version 1.5 Release!
  • Featuring 4 Exceptional Filters: Trend, OB/OS, Momentum, and Swing Mode!!
  • Massive UI overhaul, much cleaner and better organized.
  • Now 27 MAs available for use on both MA clouds!
  • Enhanced some MA calculations.
  • Improved Stoplosses.

It's now easier to enter longer trades for beginners. Swing Mode is adjustable to allow for very conservative entries (default setting is recommended for beginners). Will soon have Even More features for beginners rolling out.

(UPRIGHT Trading)
Sürüm Notları:
  • Alerts fixed. Now entirely prefilled. And have the ability to turn on and off the ones you want.
  • Bug fix on an MA.
Sürüm Notları:
  • Small Calculation fixes
Sürüm Notları:
  • Added tooltip for how to use alerts.
Sürüm Notları:
  • Code cleanup
Sürüm Notları:
  • Small adjustments
Sürüm Notları:
  • Trending 2.0 = less chop
  • Toggled a few things off as defaults.
  • Added a bunch more calculations, which will probably be converted to signals in the next version to catch every big move.

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