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Pips-Stepped, OMA-Filtered, Ocean NMA is an Ocean Natural Moving Average Filter that is pre-filtered using One More Moving Average (OMA) and then post-filtered using stepping by pips. This indicator is quadruple adaptive depending on the settings used:

  • OMA adaptive
  • Hiekin-Ashi Better Source Input Adaptive (w/ AMA of Kaufman smoothing)
  • Ocean NMA adaptive
  • Pips adaptive

What is the One More Moving Average (OMA)?
The usual story goes something like this : which is the best moving average? Everyone that ever started to do any kind of technical analysis was pulled into this "game". Comparing, testing, looking for new ones, testing ...
The idea of this one is simple: it should not be itself, but it should be a kind of a chameleon - it should "imitate" as much other moving averages as it can. So the need for zillion different moving averages would diminish. And it should have some extra, of course:

The extras:
it has to be smooth
it has to be able to "change speed" without length change
it has to be able to adapt or not (since it has to "imitate" the non-adaptive as well as the adaptive ones)

The steps:
Smoothing - compared are the simple moving average (that is the basis and the first step of this indicator - a smoothed simple moving average with as little lag added as it is possible and as close to the original as it is possible) Speed 1 and non-adaptive are the reference for this basic setup.
Speed changing - same chart only added one more average with "speeds" 2 and 3 (for comparison purposes only here)
Finally - adapting : same chart with SMA compared to one more average with speed 1 but adaptive (so this parameters would make it a "smoothed adaptive simple average") Adapting part is a modified Kaufman adapting way and this part (the adapting part) may be a subject for changes in the future (it is giving satisfactory results, but if or when I find a better way, it will be implemented here)

Some comparisons for different speed settings (all the comparisons are without adaptive turned on, and are approximate. Approximation comes from a fact that it is impossible to get exactly the same values from only one way of calculation, and frankly, I even did not try to get those same values).

speed 0.5 - T3 (0.618 Tilson)
speed 2.5 - T3 (0.618 Fulks/Matulich)
speed 1 - SMA , harmonic mean
speed 2 - LWMA
speed 7 - very similar to Hull and TEMA
speed 8 - very similar to LSMA and Linear regression value

Length - length (period) for averaging
Source - price to use for averaging
Speed - desired speed (i limited to -1.5 on the lower side but it even does not need that limit - some interesting results with speeds that are less than 0 can be achieved)
Adaptive - does it adapt or not

What is the Ocean Natural Moving Average?
Created by Jim Sloman, the NMA is a moving average that automatically adjusts to volatility without being programed to do so. For more info, read his guide "Ocean Theory, an Introduction"

What's the difference between this indicator and Sloan's original NMA?
Sloman's original calculation uses the natural log of price as input into the NMA , here we use moving averages of price as the input for NMA . As such, this indicator applies a certain level of Ocean theory adaptivity to moving average filter used.

  • Bar coloring
  • Alerts
  • Expanded source types
  • Signals
  • Flat-level coloring for scalping
Sürüm Notları:
Removed unnecessary inputs.
Sürüm Notları:
Removed unnecessary inputs.
Sürüm Notları:
Fixed errors.
Sürüm Notları:
Made pips filter more sensitive. Remember, when you use pips filtering on anything but Forex, you have to set the filter to something ridiculously high. For BTC that is 10,000 at least.

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