Kenan's Deluxe Combo Indicator Scalper Version Script

This is a combo strategy of sorts. I've been able to come up with this strategy after a lot of research.

Under Normal circumstances, when people look at dozens of indicators and they all signal, they open positions. So I decided to save people the trouble and put the major indicators together in a strategy.

All of the classic cross strategies usually give a lot of signal. Some of these signals are unnecessary and incorrect signals. Combining leading indicators. I tried to avoid the faulty signals.

Indicators and oscillators included in this strategy are:

1. Ema 5/13/21
2. Macd
3. Macd Dema
4. Ichimoku
5. Dmi
6. Stochastic
7. Aroon
8. Bollinger Band
9. Rsi
10. Chande Momentum Oscillator
11. Exponential Ease of Movement ( Eom )
12. Klinger Oscillator
13. Stochastic RSI
14. Ultimate Oscillator
15. Woodies CCI
16. Rate Of Change Lenght( Roc ) oscillator
17. WaveTrend Oscillator . It was created by @fskrypt.
18. Ehlers Adaptive CG Indicator . It was created by @LazyBear
19. Insync Index. It was created by @LazyBear

This script works by listening to the indicators and oscillators above. Opens new position after receiving signal verification signal from all

So how does this strategy close your position (optional).

1. You can close the position with the trailing stop option.
2. You can close the position according to the Rsi limits. To give an example. After a long position is opened, you can close the position after the rsi has risen above 70.
3. You can close the position according to the Bollinger Band . After a position is opened, you can close the position after the price moves out of the bollinger Band .

You can also change the values of indicators as desired. If you get better results. I would appreciate it if you could contact me via comment or private message.

I set the commission rate at 0.075 percent. If you want, you can change the settings yourself and make backtest.I changed the default settings for some indicators.
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Kenan's Deluxe Combo Indicator


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