Expansion Top/Bottom (Expo)

Expansion Top/Bottom (Expo)


Expansion Top/Bottom (Expo) indicator is a powerful oscillator that visualizes temporary Top/Bottom as well as trend shifts. When the market moves boldly a histogram will be formed in the indicator which indicates that the movement might be at its end. It's always a great idea to lock in some profit when we get these histograms. These ‘Lock-in’ profits points are visualized by a cross.

The professional trader has the ability to adjust the length of the calculation. A longer length means that the indicator spots broader market shifts. A short length means that the indicator spots temporary tops/bottoms.

Use the indicator in combination with other signals and analysis techniques.


1. Use the indicator to identify temporary tops/bottoms.
2. Use the indicator to identify broader tops/bottoms.
3. Use the indicator to visualize the trend.
4. Use the indicator to visualize ‘Lock-In’ profit points.


Short length (Length = 14)






Long length (Length = 50)




The indicator works with RENKO, HEIKIN ASHI and with KAGI charts as well.

I hope you find this indicator useful, and please comment or contact me if you like the script or have any questions/suggestions for future improvements. Thanks!

I will continue to work on this indicator, so please share your experience and feedback with me so that I can continuously improve it. Thanks to everyone that have contacted me regarding my scripts. Your feedback is valuable for future developments!


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My scripts/indicators/ideas are only for educational purposes!
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