Trading With Colors

7 hours ago
Hello friends. This is simply a moving average ribbon, per se. The values for the colored ribbon can have their length calculated to fit their chosen resolution on the current one. This solved problems for me, but it was my own solution. Maybe I'll learn something new from sharing this.

To everybody else who is learning as well, this script essentially serves to introduce other time-frame moving averages. This intends to helps traders find the scope of relevance and not get lost in the current time-frame.

Besides the colored moving averages (2 sets, different resolutions, great zoomed in our out), I included optional check-boxes to allow comparison of sets of moving averages at will, so that the most important to the individual trader can be compared and selected specifically.

I kept the default options set to keep it clean. It likely won't be the only indicator on one's chart, so it's naturally best to reduce indicator noise from one, as to not subtract from the benefit of the other indicators.

I integrated tons of acquired knowledge into this, so I hope somebody finds a missing piece to their collection or a solution to a coding problem within. I also hope this provides a new insight and helps others on their path to financial freedom.

Best wishes.

PS: I left some old code in comments in case it helps to understand the evolution of my code. I'll update this again once it works on the Daily. You might figure it out before I do, in wish case, do share :)
Sürüm Notları: I changed the multiplier function to return 99 if the returned length gets too high.

I also decided that I liked the one part of the Ichimoku in it so I added that too. I think I'm content with it now. I apologize for the buggy first version. :)
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