Simple Tops/Bottoms, [JackT]

A percentage (pyramid) script for BTC /USD, Daily.

The script is following one simple rule:
- Percentage orders based on volume

This is a pyramid setup based on volume but I am handling each order manually which makes it a custom pyramid strategy.
Instead of doing 100% portfolio sell/buy orders this script focuses on the momentum of volume and calculates a percentage of the portfolio that should be traded.
The percentage rises with the level of continuous orders with the same type. This means that if a second sell order is emitted before any buy order the percentage to sell is gradually increased to be higher than the previous sell order. And vise verca with buy orders.
The calculation is exponential rising but it also makes sure that the trade rarely reaches 100%. This enables the script to stay in the market on almost all opportunties given by the indicators.

How to use
The script is created from 3 indicators including Lucid SAR which helps to indicate the major trend.
It is possible to change the settings of the script in order to change the outcome. The settings is fitted to work with BTC /USD and the same settings works somewhat okay with ETH/USD aswell. Though I would recommend to fit the settings to work better with other pairs.
As mentioned, the script focuses on volume , which mean that it works better with major coins.

Enjoy the script and please let me know your thoughts!

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