Predictive Pivot Points based on Technicals

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Did this indicator as an experiment for fun and it actually works pretty well!

What it does?
Well, Pivot Points (PP) are useful but delayed. So the premise of this indicator is pretty simple. It stores variables from previous Pivot Highs and Pivot Lows (RSI, MFI, Stochastics and volume) and then looks for like circumstances to trigger early pivot alerts based on historic pivot traits.

And that's pretty much it.

It also acts as a normal pivot indicator, but it will display the data that is being logged. You can see in the chart above but here is another image:

How to use it?

So, there are a lot of inputs. First off, you can customize the data you want stored, in terms of the RSI, MFI and Stochastic source and length.
You can then set the thresholds for triggering. The default threshold is +/- 2. That means, it will look for similarities within +/- 2 of the previous pivot points.

You can then select to see each individual technical to signal pivots. That means, it will look at RSI, MFI, Stochastic and Volume in isolation to trigger early pivot signals. See the image below:

In the image above, you can see it signaling pivots based on individual technical readouts from RSI, to Stochastics and MFI and Volume.

If you want it to be a bit more strict, you can have it only trigger when all 3 (MFI, Stochastics and RSI) are similar. Note that volume has been excluded in the identical instances:

In the image above, you will see it triggers based on all 3 being similar. Note that when you select this option, you will get a lot less signals but more rigorous signals.

Final thoughts:

That is basically the indicator in a nut shell. Its pretty self explanatory.
If you have any specific questions feel free to leave them below.

Thanks for checking this out and safe trades!
Sürüm Notları:
Did a bunch of updates:

  • Expanded the array searching feature to identify more like circumstances.

  • Allowed the user to select which types of reversal points they wish to see (just MFI, or Just RSI, or a combination of various). This will make the chart cleaner.

  • Some bug fixes.


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