MULTIPLE TIME FRAME version of MOST indicator.
You can view various time frame levels on one chart with MTF.

MOST : Moving Stop Loss Indicator

Developed by economist Anıl ÖZEKŞİ for MATRİKS TRADER platform.

This indicator is like a trailing stop indicator but differs in two ways.

First, trailing stops often uses price bars to determine the stop level, but MOST uses an adjustable percent of the Exponential Moving Average of the price which smooths the sudden price moves.

The second thing is that MOST gives BUY and SELL signals instead of giving one way signals for price action.

MOST has an EMA and a trailing percent stop level of EMA that can be adjusted by changing the length of the EMA and %percent of the stop level.

BUY when ExMoV crosses above MOST
LONG CONDITION when ExMov is above MOST

SELL whenExMov crosses below MOST
SHORT CONDITION when ExMov is below MOST

Developed by Anıl ÖZEKŞİ

İndikatörü geliştiren: Anıl ÖZEKŞİ
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Easy to use, and well explanation, thank you so much for sharing, appreciated your efforts and generous =D
+2 Cevap Gönder
Awesome indicator. would be great if Cross over label, Multi MA is added to this version. Thanks
Cevap Gönder