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This is a script written by capriole_charles
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I have added leverage and stoploss % but also made it a strategy so we can look back at past trades to see patterns and profit.
Personally I feel this is not enough data to trade off as BTC is such a young asset. However I have seen other models similar to this for other assets that hold strong.
Trade safe!
Good bye from bitcoin beats!
Not Meant For The 1H! My Bad! higher timeframes are better!

The "Spring" is the confirmed Miner capitulation period:
The 1st "gray" circle is the start of Capitulation (1 month Hash Rate crosses UNDER 2 month Hash Rate)
Last "green" circle is the end of Capitulation (1 month Hash Rate crosses OVER 2 month Hash Rate)
The "greener" the spring gets (up until blue) represents Hash Rate recovery (it is increasing)
The "blue" circle is the first instance of positive momentum following recovery of Hash Rate (1m HR > 2m HR ). This is historically a rewarding place to buy with limited downside.
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