ETHUSDT Volume Analysis Prediction 06/13/2019

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
Hello everyone. Today we decided to show our thoughts about ETHUSDT .
On 1h timeframe we have bull priority, so we must to find a point where we can open long.
We indicated on chart 3 level for opening long positions:
1. Breakout 258 (weak signal)
2. Pullback to 252 (medium signal)
3. Pullback to 248 (strong signal with confirmation)
Stop-loss must be no more then 2% of deposit.
The probability that the price will drop to 248 is not very high, so the optimal entry will be from level 252, especially if the price will show a false break down there.
Level 242 - it's priority level, so if we will see a true breakdown of this level, we will have a change priority from bull to bear.
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