DXY on 4th elliot wave in C wave

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Minimum requirement has been done. Bat formation has already been confirmed on EURUSD
dxy in the 4th elliot wave now.
End of the 4th wave correction (95.79) then waiting to start 5th wave that is minimum requirement 93.81 ( a.k.a end of the A wave) and also strongly waiting 93.67 fibo 2.618

When start the 5th wave on DXY
1day bat formation will be reached D point end of the roadmap we will be waiting to minimum 0.618 retracement in the Potential reversal zone.

EURUSD 1day bat has been attached link below 24 december
Yorum: 4h shoulder head shoulder pattern refraction price has been confirmd (95.53 on 3th wave)
Pattern target is 94.67 waiting to reach..