General questions

Have a question about the market data available in our widgets? Your question is probably answered on the Data questions page. If you are looking for a list of the languages support then have a look on the Languages page.

Why is embed code not working?

Potentially, the problem can arise from trying to insert the raw code dynamically, thus forcing the browser to block the embedded script execution. This may happen when injection via innerHTML occurs, for instance. Trying to dynamically inject the code with the means of certain libraries (e.g. jQuery) may also disrupt the proper initialization of the widget. If you are embedding the code on a site driven by 3rd party infrastructure, make sure to follow their instructions or ask the developer of the platform for help.

I'd like to remove/change TradingView attribution (text and link under the widget).

There are several options, contact us using this form.

I’d like to remove/change the TradingView branding (logo, name) from the widget, or add my own.

There are several options, contact us using this form.

I’d like to change some colors or font size.

All available widget settings are presented in the point-and-click constructor. If what you want to change is not there, contact us using this form.

The widget is not adapting to different screen sizes. What should I do?

Use the Use container size setting. When 'Use container size' is on, the widget uses 100%% of available width and/or height of the enclosing element. It’s very important to set a specific height of parent element for the widget to work properly.

What’s the difference between Adaptive and Regular settings?

  • Applicable to: Ticker, Ticker Tape, Top Stories, Fundamental Data
  • When the widget is set to Adaptive mode, it automatically changes between Regular and Compact modes based on available container width.

    When a user clicks a symbol in the widget, I’d like to open my own site’s chart page instead of TradingView.

    Use the field called full-size chart URL. Paste the link to your chart pages in that field and it will redirect there instead of TradingView.
    Good use case - place widget on your homepage and have users click through to your individual chart pages. Example -{symbolname}. Or use {tvexchange}:{tvsymbol} templates instead to do a link like -{tvexchange}:{tvsymbol}.

    The description says that I can display up to 15 symbols using the Ticker Widget. Why do I see only 5?

  • Applicable to: Ticker
  • The Ticker widget uses the Use container size parameter by default. This means that it accepts the width of the parent element. Our demo page is wide enough to show only 5 symbols. You should make the parent element wider to see all the symbols.

    How do I add/remove percentage change value (%%) in the widget?

  • Applicable to: Mini Chart
  • Please decrease the width of the widget to remove percentage change value (%%). Conversely, increase the width to add it

    Can I use widgets on Angular 5 websites?

  • Applicable to: Advanced Real-Time Chart, Symbol Overview, Economic Calendar
  • Yes. Here are some hints:

    1. Copy and paste the widget script somewhere on the page: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    2. Create a container element with a set ID attribute.
    3. Call the new TradingView.widget() function when you want the widget to be shown. Apart from other settings, there should also be a container_id option in the parameter list. It should have the value of the previously created container ID attribute.

    I'd like to add a custom pine script to the widget.

  • Applicable to: Advanced Real-Time Chart
  • It is not possible to add pine scripts to widgets at this time. You can publish an idea with your script and embed it.

    I'd like to add a strategy to the widget.

  • Applicable to: Advanced Real-Time Chart
  • It is not possible to add strategies to widgets at this time. You can publish an idea with your strategy and embed it.

    How do I use widgets on WordPress websites?

    To embed a widget into a WordPress website, you should insert the widget's code into the Custom HTML block.

    Widgets may not work on some websites hosted on due to limitations on adding the code. The limitations depend on your WordPress plan, therefore, you can either upgrade the plan or host your website on a third-party server.

    How do I get more help?

    Contact us using this form.