BigChief Trader Pack Buy Sell Long Short

This indicator BigChief Trader Pack Buy Sell Long Short and Backtest non strategies with alert added version compatible..
Buy Long Entry Signal
Sell Short Entry Signal.
3-stage bollinger bands
ma 50 100 200 Plot
Golden Death Cross Alert
Bigchief Trend Reversal Plot
Auto fibonacci Plot
Fibonacci High Low alert
Bollinger breakout low high alert
Trailing Stop Loss plot

NOTE: This indicator gives the trading signal by changing the background color at the default settings, and all crypto currency exchange is available to you in places like stock exchange stocks at your own risk.

Re-painting has not been observed with the default setup, nor with Alternate resolution multiplier up to 6.

Strategy based around Moving Average Crossovers optionally from a higher time frame.

I have generally found that setting the strategy resolution to 3-6x that of the chart you are viewing tends to yield the best results, regardless of which MA option you may choose (if any) BUT can false confirmed. Default Settings using one of the
Don't aim for perfection. Just aim to get a reasonably snug fit with the background, with good runs of green and red. using Default Settings (Resolution 6 Ma Period 6 if you want to get the signal more often, change the default value of delay on off 0, but when you change it the backtest will be seriously drop ) gives a good fit.
Option to either use basic open and close series data, or pick your poison with a wide array of MA types.
Optional Stop Loss and Target Profit for damage mitigation if desired (can be toggled on/off)
Positions get taken automatically following a crossover - which is why it's better to set the resolution of the script greater than that of your chart, so that the trades get taken sooner rather than later.
If you make use of the stops/target profit, be sure to take your time tweaking the values. Cutting it too fine will cost you profits but keep you safer, while letting them loose could lead to more draw down than you can handle.
Background color bar color and lines can be set as active passive
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can i use your script please allow me
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hocam yetki verebilir misiniz ?
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hocam erişim verebilir misiniz?
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