Multi SMA EMA WMA HMA BB (4x3 MAs Bollinger Bands) Pro MTF - RRB

Multi SMA EMA WMA HMA 4x3 Moving Averages with Bollinger Bands Pro MTF by RagingRocketBull 2018
Version 1.0

This indicator shows multiple MAs of any type SMA EMA WMA HMA etc with BB and MTF support, can show MAs as dynamically moving levels.
There are 4 MA groups + 1 BB group. You can assign any type/timeframe combo to a group, for example:
- EMAs 50,100,200 x H1, H4, D1, W1 (4 TFs x 3 MAs x 1 type)
- EMAs 8,13,21,55,100,200 x M15, H1 (2 TFs x 6 MAs x 1 type)
- D1 EMAs and SMAs 12,26,50,100,200,400 (1 TF x 6 MAs x 2 types)
- H1 WMAs 7,77,231; H4 HMAs 50,100,200; D1 EMAs 144,169,233; W1 SMAs 50,100,200 (4 TFs x 3 MAs x 4 types)
- +1 extra MA type/timeframe for BB

compile time: 25-30 sec
full redraw time after parameter change in UI: 3 sec

There are several versions: Simple, MTF, Pro MTF, Advanced MTF and Ultimate MTF. This is the Pro MTF version. The Differences are listed below. All versions have BB
- Simple: you have 2 groups of MAs that can be assigned any type (5+5)
- MTF: +2 custom Timeframes for each group (2x5 MTF)
- Pro MTF: +4 custom Timeframes for each group (4x3 MTF), MA levels and show max bars back options
- Advanced MTF: +2 extra MAs/group (4x5 MTF), custom Ticker/Symbol, backreferences for type, TF and MA lengths in UI
- Ultimate MTF: +individual settings for each MA, custom Ticker/Symbols

- 4x3 = 12 MAs of any type including Hull Moving Average ( HMA )
- 4x MTF groups with step line smoothing
- BB +1 extra TF/type for BB MAs
- 12 MA levels with adjustable group offsets, indents and shift
- show max bars back
- you can show/hide both groups of MAs/levels and individual MAs

1. based on 3EmaBB, uses plot*, barssince and security functions
2. you can't set certain constants from input due to Pinescript limitations - change the code as needed, recompile and use as a private version
3. Levels = trackprice implementation
4. Show Max Bars Back = show_last implementation
5. uses timeframe textbox instead of input resolution to allow for 120 240 and other custom TFs. Also supports TFs in hours: 2H or H2
6. swma has a fixed length = 4, alma and linreg have additional offset and smoothing params
7. Smoothing is applied by default for visual aesthetics on MTF. To use exact ma mtf values (lines with stair stepping) - disable it

MTF Notes:
- uses simple timeframe textbox instead of input resolution dropdown to allow for 120, 240 and other custom TFs, also supports timeframes in H: 2H, H2
- Groups that are not assigned a Custom TF will use Current Timeframe (0).
- MTF will work for any MA type assigned to the group
- MTF works both ways: you can display a higher TF MA/BB on a lower TF or a lower TF MA/BB on a higher TF.
- MTF MA values are normally aligned at the boundary of their native timeframe. This produces stair stepping when a higher TF MA is viewed on a lower TF.
Therefore X Y Point Density/Smoothing is applied by default on MA MTF for visual aesthetics. Set both to 0 to disable and see exact ma mtf values (lines with stair stepping and original mtf alignment).
- Smoothing is disabled for BB MTF bands because fill doesn't work with smoothed MAs after duplicate values are replaced with na.
- MTF MA Value fluctuation is possible on the current bar due to default security lookahead

- X,Y == 0 - X,Y smoothing disabled (stair stepping on high TFs)
- X == 0, Y > 0 - X,Y smoothing applied to all TFs
- Y == 0, X > 0 - X smoothing applied to all TFs < deltaX_max_tf, Y smoothing disabled
- X > 0, Y > 0 - Y smoothing applied to all TFs, then X smoothing applied to all TFs < deltaX_max_tf

X Smoothing with Y == 0 - shows only every deltaX-th point starting from the first bar.
X Smoothing with Y > 0 - shows only every deltaX-th point starting from the last shown Y point, essentially filling huge gaps remaining after Y Smoothing with points and preserving the curve's general shape
X Smoothing on high TFs with already scarce points produces weird curve shapes, it works best only on high density lower TFs
Y Smoothing reduces points on all TFs, removes adjacent points with prices within deltaY, while preserving the smaller curve details.
A combination of X,Y produces the most accurate smoothing. Higher delta value - larger range, more points removed.

Show Max Bars Back:
- can't set plot show_last from input -> implemented using a timenow based range check
- you can't delete/modify history once plotted, so essentially it just sets a start point for plotting (from num_bars bars back) that works only in realtime mode (not in replay)

You can plot current MA value using plot trackprice=true or by checking Show Price Line in Style. Problem is:
- you can only change color (not the dashed line style, width), have both ma + price line (not just the line), and it's full screen wide
- you can't set plot trackprice from input => implemented using plotshape/plotchar with fixed text labels serving as levels
- there's no other way of creating a dynamic level: hline, plot, offset - nothing else works.
- you can't plot a text var - all text strings must be constants, so you can't change the style, width and text labels without recompiling.
- from input you can only adjust offset, indent and shift for each level group, and change color
- the dot below each level line is the exact MA value. If you want just the line swap plotshape with plotchar, recompile and save as your private version, adjust Y shift.

To speed up redraw times: reduce last_bars to ~2000, recompile and use as your own private version

Pinescript is a rudimentary language (should be called Painscript instead) that can basically only plot data. You can't do much else. Please see the code for tips and hints.
Certain things just can't be done or require shady workarounds and weeks of testing trying to resolve weird node.js compiler errors.

Feel free to learn from/reuse/change the code as needed and use as your own private version. See comments in code. Good Luck!
Oct 17
Sürüm Notları: Changes in ver 2.0:
- fixed hma/wma(src, 0) error when len = 1 by adding a max(2,len) wrapper to hma function
- modified X,Y Smoothing: added Y == 0, X > 0, TF >= deltaX_max_tf - X,Y smoothing disabled (stair stepping on high TFs)
- fixed support for timeframes in H for X Smoothing max TF: H, 2H, 4H etc
- removed src security call (not needed)

Note: Recently TradingView has limited Replay Mode to D,W,MN only for free accounts. Pinescript security calls are now also limited.
You won't be able to plot any TF < D1 in Replay Mode (you will see straight lines) but all TFs will work properly in history and real-time modes. This is not a bug.

I'm currently working on many other indicators - will post soon
Oct 17
Sürüm Notları: Changes in ver 3.0:
- better screen on script's home page
Favori Komutlardan Çıkart Favori Komutlara Ekle
Your code is one of the finest and I have benefited heaps from your great examples. Thank you.
Cevap Gönder
H4,D,2D,3D EMAs 50,100,200 with 4D BB on D1:
Cevap Gönder
screen for reference: EMAs 50,100,200 on H1,H4,D,W with H4 BB with and without smoothing

Cevap Gönder
Thanks for sharing your work! I'm slowly getting better with pinescript, but this is both helpful and motivating for me
Cevap Gönder
RagingRocketBull simplenothing
@simplenothing, Glad to hear that. I will probably post a few Pinescript examples at some point that will focus on resolving common problems. The official docs tells you just the basic stuff and it takes a lot of time to discover through testing how things really work.
Cevap Gönder
X Y smoothing applied:
Cevap Gönder
Same image without smoothing:

You can hide MAs and leave just levels:

Show max bars back:
Cevap Gönder
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