btc down; This is what I tried to explain in the graphic I share

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dolar
There are very small deviations in the graph we shared on May 25, but there has been no major change indicating the opposite of our thesis on the target and the big crash between August and September.

I hope those who advise us to drink acid in the tragedies in that graphic are alive.

The problem is that the people you call bulls are actually sharks that swallow your money.
If the money deposited remains the same for 10 days, the seller will be your money on the 11th day.
The biggest mistake small investors make is take and wait.
It is a big mistake to wait when there are so many trading bots.

Therefore, it is very likely that Elon Musk and his gang will steal the money of small investors like you in the market in a few minutes.
As it appears on the 15 min chart

What you have to do is wait at the beginning of this system and you will not leave it alone. or you will put stop loss
Because the stop loss of many people from yesterday did not work because the interval value was wrong, either a missing or over value was determined.

It will be more correct to be careful and take advantage of more reliable ports.

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